Free Business Valuation

Are you thinking of selling your business? Or just calculating the value of the asset you have built?  If you would like to know how much it is worth, a business valuation is the starting point.

This free valuation calculator will calculate the value of a small business. Simply enter the details and you will receive a tailored valuation.

We are not business brokers, so our valuation advice is independent. We help our clients to profit from buying and selling small businesses, while avoiding the misinformation (and high costs) associated with business brokers.

If you would like to learn more about small business valuation yourself, visit our small business valuation guide page which is full of helpful videos and content.

Valuation Calculator

Average turnover for past 3 to 5 years
Average adjusted net profit for last 3 to 5 years
Ignore cash, accounts payable and accounts receivable (for now). Just net value of tangible assets after paying off debts. In some industries this value will be minimal; other industries are are more capital-intensive so the figure will be higher. Exclude freehold property.
Is the business in the UK? If not please state the country.
How stable is the business (relative to other businesses of the same size)? How reliably can you expect its profits to continue into the future?
Is this business growing and expected to continue growing steadily? Is the industry growing?
How well systematised is this business? How well does it operate without the owner/s?
Are You Interested In Buying This Business, Or Are You The Owner?
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