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Finding the right buyer for your business can seem like searching in the dark. In most cases the right buyer is not found, and businesses advertised for sale do not sell.

Business brokers do not manage this process optimally:  their incentives are not aligned for them to do so.

This process is too important to be given to a business broker. In fact, for businesses <£2m, business brokers should be avoided altogether.

There is a better way.

Our Approach

Hahnbeck advises clients on how best to sell their businesses, from the perspective of people who actually buy businesses.

In short, this process involves:

  • Removing risk for the buyer
  • Presenting the business in the best light
  • Identifying the people most likely to buy the business, and targeting them effectively
  • Marketing to create as broad a net as possible to capture everyone else (not just via one or two channels)
  • Managing the process properly

The entire objective of the process is to find multiple qualified buyers, who understand the opportunity offered by the sale of the business, the time constraints around it, and will bid (against each other) to buy it.

Hahnbeck also helps clients to prepare their business ahead of the sale, maximising its value.


Why Hahnbeck?

As investors we have unique insight into what actually creates value and what drives the sale of a small business. It is not our MBAs or investment banking experience that counts - it is the fact that we are investors. As buyers of small businesses, we see all of the promotional material provided by business brokers, and we experience the (disappointing) reality of their services.

But our approach is not based on our own experiences alone - dozens of small business acquirers in our network, as well as entrepreneurs who have successfully sold their businesses - have informed our understanding of the market and verified our approach as the most appropriate method for anyone selling a business with revenues of less than £2m.


Sell Your Business

We guide our clients through the process of selling their businesses - more effectively and for a fraction of the cost of using a business broker. We provide extensive support throughout the process, and handle many key elements of the process on behalf of our clients. The result is a much more cost-effective solution, with a much greater chance of success.

Contact us at to discuss your requirements and find out more about our process.