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Although we are primarily a consultancy, we are increasingly moving toward sharing our knowledge in the form of products like eBooks, since this approach is more cost-effective and more accessible to a wider number of people.  These valuable resources can be consumed in your own time, and referred back to again and again.  We will continue to produce high quality free content for our readers too - join our mailing list and we will keep you up to date.



How much is a business worth? This practical guide, written by investors, teaches you how to value small businesses yourself, enabling you to filter opportunities on your own before involving any advisors. With real-world examples and case studies, you will learn how to see through financial statements, identify hidden costs, and recognise true value.

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Valuing Businesses Spreadsheet


Our readers requested a simpler, "quick guide" to the material in the eBook Valuing Small Businesses the Smart Way, and a calculator to help calculate business valuations.  So we've combined both in this spreadsheet!
In only five pages this guide takes you through the main small business valuation method described in the eBook, step-by-step, culminating in the calculation of a business valuation.

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Buying A Business: Strategy Guide

This book details the key strategies used by professional investors in finding, filtering and buying businesses. Learn how to identify the characteristics of businesses that make great investments, and avoid the ones that don't. Plan how to add value to a business before you buy it. Cover yourself to reduce the risk of your investment, while maximising the potential upside.


Sell your Business Yourself

One of our most popular requests is for information on how to sell a business for the best price. We believe that for most businesses the best result will be achieved without brokers. This guide teaches you how to handle the sale process optimally, with practical tools and resources to allow you to find the greatest number of buyers. More importantly, you will learn the key strategies involved in de-risking the business for a future acquirer so that it is worth more.